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Below is a list of the top and leading Thai Massage in Denver. To help you find the best Thai Massage located near you in Denver, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Denver’s Best Thai Massage:

The top rated Thai Massage in Denver, CO are:

  • Milo Bodywork & Thai Massage – provides a profound solution
  • Triple Gem Therapeutics – utilizes a system of sustainable, vitalistic methods and counseling
  • Jantala Thai Massage Spa – is an authentic and unique massage boutique
  • Sabai Thai Massage – provides authentic, traditional, Thai massage
  • Silk Thai Therapy – was started on shared understanding and passion

Milo Bodywork & Thai Massage

Milo Bodywork & Thai Massage seeks to offer not only temporary relief from symptoms but to address the root causes of illness and pain, a deeper process bringing sustained wellness. With the laugh and enthusiasm of a firey Pinoy, the natural sense of a shaman, and the strength and tenacity of an Olympian, Milo’s approach to massage and bodywork is a singular blend of Eastern and Western traditions that nourish and rehabilitate the whole person, body, mind, and spirit. Thai bodywork provides a profound solution to counteract and reverse many of the symptoms that lead to disease.


Therapeutic Thai Massage, Therapeutic Swedish+Deep Tissue Massage, Bodywork Therapeutic Healing Treatment, Abdominal Massage or Spine Care Bodywork


Address: 1290 N Williams St, Denver, CO 80218
Phone: (720) 453-8225


“Milo’s work is absolutely phenomenal. He has helped me tremendously with my shoulder and is incredibly professional and skilled. He has helped me more than any other massage therapist I have ever seen. I highly recommend him to anybody ready to make a change in their life.” – Emilia Rosa R.

Triple Gem Therapeutics

Triple Gem Therapeutics utilizes a system of sustainable, vitalistic methods and counseling that incorporate the art and science of both ancient and modern worldwide indigenous traditions of healing. Their primary modality is the SomaVeda system of Integrated Traditional Therapies. It is a spiritually based system of movement education, healing, Marma, Nadi, Chakra, Lom, and Dosha balancing, carrying the fundamental elements and energies into harmony creating Somatic Homeostasis and the wholeness of body, mind, and spirit.

All treatments are personally designed for every client based on their specific constitution and needs. Great for pain relief, rehabilitation, and stress reduction …….


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