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Treating your complexion to a facial by a top esthetician is one of the ultimate acts of self-care, but finding the best facial in New York, LA, Miami, or other areas of the country isn’t always as simple as a quick Google search. After all, it’s important to visit a licensed estheticians who is able to assess your skin type and apply products to suit its needs. Not mention, there are an array of professional-grade treatments and tools that can tailor the experience and achieve results that aren’t feasible at home (but they do require a certain degree of skill for safety and efficacy) — all the more reason to go to the best of the best facialists, no matter where you’re located.

So where do you begin to choose where to go for a facial? First, it helps to identify what kind of treatment is best for your skin concerns at the present moment. Lymphatic massage is one such technique that is far more than just soothing for your complexion. This type of facial massage helps to promote detoxification via the lymph nodes (aka lymphatic drainage), which results in a less puffy and more sculpted face.

Microcurrent devices are another popular tool during facials, delivering gentle electric currents that stimulate the face’s underlying musculature for a “non-invasive facelift” for weeks at a time. (While these devices are sold for at-home use, the professional-grade, in-office devices are much more powerful.)

Depending on your esthetician’s preference, you might also receive a brightening oxygen infusion, some anti-inflammatory cryotherapy, or a session beneath a clinical-grade LED device — from full LightStim beds to Celluma panels. (Remember — red light boosts collagen and heals; anti-bacterial blue light mitigates acne and breakouts; and the rare green device, like the one at Carasoin below, is said to help improve hyperpigmentation.)

So, in the name of post-holiday self-care, here are some of the top recommended facial studios and estheticians from coast to coast to help keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Los Angeles


Known for her love of applying cryogenically frozen stem cells to the skin, Lena Bratschi and her studio, Carasoin, is a hidden gem of West Hollywood. The Swiss-born, London-trained founder works with cutting-edge technology for her treatments, such as lifting microcurrent, toning ultrasound, and sessions under the cellular-chaging green LED lamp by Omnilux, but also achieves impressive results using luxury, clean skin care products. No matter which facial you choose, add on the cryo stem cell treatment for $75, or opt for the anti-inflammatory CBD facial using luxury skin care products by Saint Jane. Celeb fans include Sofia Vergara, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Rooney Mara, among others.

Ricari Studios

The Ricari Method combines techniques to facilitate lymphatic drainage, boost circulation, and address skin tone and elasticity for a holistic experience that addresses the face and body. After a massage from head to toe, you will walk away with more sculpted features of the face and body. Their most popular treatment is the Signature, which begins with the ICOONE devices for lymphatic drainage and incorporates various …….


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